Lawrence, KS - CritiTech, Inc., a pharmaceutical company that improves and enables the delivery of therapeutic molecules using supercritical fluid technology to produce and deposit particles of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), and Mechanical Systems Inc. (MSI), a premier mechanical systems solutions provider for the pharmaceutical industry, announce the formation of a strategic alliance. The alliance creates a long term exclusive arrangement for the manufacture and sales of crystallizer units (R&D through commercial production scale) based on CritiTech’s technology and proprietary designs. According to Dr. David Johnston, CEO of CritiTech, Inc, “The establishment of this formal Alliance marks a major milestone for both companies in readying us for the future deployment of our technology. It also marks a transition point for our company in the ability to produce clinically and potentially commercial scale quantities of active pharmaceutical ingredients and to offer that capability to our collaborators.”

Over the past two years, CritiTech and Mechanical Systems Inc. have created and validated a supercritical fluid crystallizer that is capable of continuously processing pure submicron size particles of active pharmaceuticals in quantities that were once thought unattainable with this type of process. CritiTech continues to expand its in-house GMP manufacturing capabilities (currently several Kg per week) at its Lawrence, Kansas facility, and to develop the next generation crystallizer which will further increase production capability and capacity. This also marks another important step for MSI as it continues to expand into the pharmaceutical industry. Greg Johnson, Principal of MSI, states, “Over the years, our involvement in the pharma industry has been as an applications support firm. This new alliance opens possibilities of greater involvement in pharmaceutical development and production. The engineering and assembly of the supercritical fluid crystallizer has highlighted our unique skills. We look forward with focus and excitement to these new horizons.” With their new alliance, CritiTech and Mechanical Systems Inc. will make this technology available to companies with drug delivery challenges and other unmet pharmaceutical needs.

About CritiTech, Inc.

CritiTech, Inc. is a drug development company focused on applying the company’s supercritical fluid technology (SCF) platform to enable the creation of differentiated drug products for itself and its clients. CritiTech leverages decades of technical experience to reduce the particle size of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), precipitate precise quantities of API into unit dose containers for R&D use, and/or coat the API onto miscellaneous substrates or devices. The company has a broad research pipeline and has enabled new drug delivery approaches to varied therapeutic areas.

About Mechanical Systems Inc.

Mechanical Systems, Inc., as a parent company, has over twenty years of experience managing a number of separate entities involved with the pharmaceutical industry. This includes working with over thirty major pharmaceutical manufacturers on applications from R&D, media preparation, fermentation/cell culture growth to sterile filling. In addition, MSI owns and operates two Agri-biotechnology facilities with aseptic production and filling capabilities. These facilities provide the firm additional exposure and an understanding of the world of biological products.

» About MSI
Founded in 1976. Established to fulfill critical design and construction requirements in HVAC, plumbing and process piping fields in the Midwest. Look to MSI if your project includes: low or high rise commercial office, research or medical lab, factory/industrial, aircraft hangar, environmental hazard, clean rooms, computer rooms, chemical pharmaceutical process, high purity piping systems, hotels , restaurants or retail stores.

Mechanical Systems Inc. has over 125 office and field personnel educated in the fields of engineering, project management, CAD operations, process certification and valuable trade skills including ASME and Pharma welding. We at MSI take great pride in the training and development afforded all our employees. In addition, our professionals are given the advanced tools with which to perform their work, whether that is engineering or installation.

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