Our federal contracting team has been involved with Corps of Engineers projects on a daily basis for the past 25 years. To date we have executed $150 million in mechanical projects related to C of E sites.

MSI has been part of a SABER team that has received an outstanding past performance record. Our experience has enabled our team to secure multiple projects at numerous military bases. Our scope of work at these facilities has included plan-spec buildings as well as design-build. MSI personnel have both the comfort and awareness of what is necessary to work in the Corps of Engineer's world.

Federal Projects have Included:

  • Basic Plumbing
  • Fueling and Pumping Skids
  • Manufacturing and Control Buildings
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Basic HVAC
  • Jet Fueling Systems
  • Fuel Cell Repair Ventilation Systems
  • Military Hospitals and Barracks
» About MSI
Founded in 1976. Established to fulfill critical design and construction requirements in HVAC, plumbing and process piping fields in the Midwest. Look to MSI if your project includes: low or high rise commercial office, research or medical lab, factory/industrial, aircraft hangar, environmental hazard, clean rooms, computer rooms, chemical pharmaceutical process, high purity piping systems, hotels , restaurants or retail stores.

Mechanical Systems Inc. has over 125 office and field personnel educated in the fields of engineering, project management, CAD operations, process certification and valuable trade skills including ASME and Pharma welding. We at MSI take great pride in the training and development afforded all our employees. In addition, our professionals are given the advanced tools with which to perform their work, whether that is engineering or installation.

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